Business Management

Business Model:

Two Main Lines:Maintain sustainable growth in our four core businesses segments of mining, finance, real estate and property management and at the same time promote the acceleration of industrial transition and upgrade to cultivate new business segments.

Three Kinds of Relationship: Focus on the interactions between industrial organizations, markets, and industries in a continuously developing business environment. Build value networks that have tremendous growth potential by constantly extending throughout the entire value chain.

Four platforms: Enterprise operation platform, capital support platform, public relations platform, and resource strategy platform are the foundation for business development of FRM Group.

Core Resources:

Public Relation Resources: Long-standing and close relations with industrial associations, professional agencies, and society as a whole;

Organizational and Human Resources: Effective organizational structure and management model, remarkable operations team, dedicated professional management team, excellent corporate culture, etc.

Financial Capital Resources: Collaborations with banks, private equities, venture capitals, listing companies, etc.

Resource Integration:

FRM Group surrounds itself with high-quality resources and related professional agencies. It has established long-term and stable strategic partnerships with China Mining Association, China Gold Association, CASS and other institutions. Through seeking shared common values and industrial associations, and by pursuing a goal of win-win cooperation, FRM integrates high quality industry resources and uses qualified capital to construct multi-channel financial systems todrive industry development. This constitutes a development platform for our core competitiveness.