Real Estate Investment

Main Business

FRM started its real estate investment business in 2005. It has affiliations with two companies, Beijing Zhongji Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Shandong FRM Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. The value of current projects under construction is about RMB 3 billion (USD 49 million). Due to increasingly strong financial returns that contribute to the development and growth of the company, real estate investments have become an integral part of FRM’s business and include land development, real estate investment and development, real estate engineering program management, and high-end commercial property rentals.

With real estate, FRM uses a unique and innovative business model to conduct the planning of various projects. It fully exerts its resource integration and project operation advantages with local developers in Shandong, Hebei, Shanxi, Jiangsu and other provinces. FRM actively coordinates with local governments to develop urban plans, and integrates local historical and cultural features into the overall project designs. FRM has accomplished remarkable achievements based on these measures.

FRM Real Estate Business Plan

Early orientation planning: project feasibility studies include market surveys, project orientation, economic benefit analysis, etc.

Project promotion and integration planning: VI design of the project, media advertising, planning various promotional activities during the project’s whole-sale period.

Sales promotion planning: includes the creation and training of sales-teams, the preparation of sales manuals, and the determination of staged selling prices. It also includes the location and investment planning for a project’s business component.