Overseas Business

Overseas Business

FRM is devoted to global resource optimization and allocation. So far, it has made investments in Australia, Japan, Canada, USA and other regions, and has registered all of its overseas subsidiaries. FRM integrates global resources by means of mergers and acquisitions, and alliances, and keeps stable business relationship with well-known international investment banks, law offices, and mining companies.

Since 2011, FRM Group has promoted projects such as the National Mining Right Exchange, Mining Bank, World Mining Association, and mining cooperation between China and the Economic Community of West African States. While acquiring various types of precious metal resources, it has a long-term commitment to provide quality services to global resource optimal allocation. In 2011 FRM Group set up a mining right exchange in Hong Kong, as the first step of its 5-10 year plan to cultivate a global trading platform for natural resources centered in New York, and located in various metropolises worldwide, including Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tokyo, Melbourne, and Vancouver.



In July, 2011,FRM registered the Mining Right Exchange in Hong Kong. In the specification transaction system, the Exchange will realize a worldwide mining resources trading market, and facilitate the resourcesaccessing the international resources market and global capital market. With the expandedinvestment resources, the China's resources industry development will be highly promoted.



In October, 2013, FRM and the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) signed a strategic cooperation agreement of mineral resources. Focusing on overseas markets, FRM and CNNC are intend to conduct the cooperation in the precious metals, such as gold, uranium mineral resources fields, and then realize the situation of becoming strategic partnership, having complementary advantages, and achievingmutual benefit and win-win.



In January, 2014, FRM, supported by the China Mining Association, initiated the establishment of the International Mining Leaders Club, which focuses on the deep integration of the world wide resource of the mining enterprises, local government agencies, and financial investment institutions. By regularly held various thematic salon and forum, project investigation, and financing activities, the Club is committed to provide the world mining industry leader entrepreneur a platform ofbusiness communication, academic exchange and resource integration. The International Mining Leaders Club willoffer maximum effortsto meet the personalized needs of members, and build a top elite business club in the mining field.