Mining Investment

Mining Investment

The mining investment business of FRM focuses on gold as its primary mineral, but also does risk exploration, mining, and the investment and mining rights operations of jade, uranium, lithium, potash, and other precious metals. The enterprise has 4 large-scale mines and 16 resource exploration areas. It has 150 tons of known gold reserves, has a gold resource exploration area of 72 km2, and a uranium resource exploration area of 105 km2.

According to the strategic layout of FRM Group’s mining industry, our business can be classified into three units:

1. Equity Investment, Mining Rights, and Exploration

Select superior resources for joint stock, holding and sole proprietorship, build scientific and reasonable resource investigation systems, understand changeable resource markets through reliable and efficient decision-making processes, and use mergers and acquisitions to promote valuable growth.

2. Managementof Mining Enterprises

Make full use of available resources from existing mines, build green mines, strengthen geological exploration, increase mine reserves, and elevate resource value. Implement the integration of mineral resources including exploration, development, processing, utilization and environmental protection, largely reduce environmental pollution, increase efficient use of resources, lower production costs, and optimize resource allocation.

3. Technical Services and Trade

On the basis of mining development and operations, establish a mining technology research platform and apply the achievements of technical research and technical reform to mine production in order to increase productivity, quotas, and corporate economic benefit. Employ technological advantages to carry out external exploration, safety evaluations, environmental impact assessments, technical services, consulting, and other business.