Strategic Investment

Strategic Investment

Confronted with an urgent need for industrial transformation and upgrading, FRM established the Global Resources Strategy Research Center as an investment strategy planning agency thatfocuses on the economics of the mining industry and technology research, the development and utilization of renewable resources, urban construction investment management, on-line civil services, mining banks, and other projects. The Research Center provides servicesin the above fieldsto FRM and other related government agencies. It also employs a team of first-rate experters and has established close relationships with related organizations and scientific research institutes in China, the US, the UK, Japan and other regions as well as the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Tsinghua University, etc. These relationships provide strong strategic support for the FRM's sustainable industrial development.

Utilization of Renewable Resources:

FRM has planned to make a total investment of RMB 2.7 billion (USD 440 million) to the "Urban Mineral" Circular Economy Demonstration Base construction project in Zibo City, Shandong Province. By normalizing the recycling standard, it will build functional systems involving rejected and old construction waste,recycledand dismantlement vehicles, recycled old electronic products, mine tailing disposal, the comprehensive utilization of biomassenergy, the processing of new energy-conservation building materials, etc. The Base will take up an area of 3.33 km2 and has broad prospects for development as it has gained attention from the State Development & Investment Corporation, China Recycling Development Co., Ltd, and other enterprises.

Urban Construction Investment:

Relying on asset securitization and conditionally eliminating city debt, FRM will act as a carrier to resolve cities' debt risks occurred in the course of urbanization.

On-line Civil Services:

With the property service platform, FRM has integrated social service resources and established an "online" - "offline" integrated service industry e-commerce platform to provide customers with a series of convenient, in-home "community services" and "family services". These include housekeeping, aged-person nursing, education, catering, etc. FRM Group strives to be the standard-setter and industrial leader in community and family services.

Mining Bank:

FRM is associated with large mining group such as the China Mining Association and others to set-up national joint-equity commercial banks. While securing the balance between deposits and loans, the loans are specially geared to support the upgrading of the Chinese mining industry and international layout of mining enterprises.